Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Reducing post frequency

I started doing this blog with the idea of two posts per week, but it somehow morphed into one per day. I had a lot to say and somehow had found an outlet.

I was however chewing considerable human capital - having developed ideas over a long period of time. [I do not generate ideas as fast as I have put out posts.]

So it is time to face reality and drop the post frequency to one per week - somewhere near the level that I consider sustainable.

If given a choice between quantity and quality I will chose quality. I hope my readers are not too disappointed.



Paul Murphy said...

Hugely disappointed! But understand need to have life etc...

Anonymous said...

Obviously we are disappointed. There aren't many blogs around that have the quality you have displayed in the last couple of months. That doesn't mean we don't understand your decision.

all the best.


Anonymous said... long as you give us the remaining parts of Understanding the Brokers, we'll forgive anything :)
Thanks for your past (and hopefully future) posts!

John Hempton said...

Its the remaining part of the understanding the broker series that is causing the pain - as the Fannie Mae series caused before it.


The thesis I had is not standing up to the data - I will put that in a post shortly.


josh reich said...

Actually, I'm pretty happy with this change. As a reader I only have limited time to get through my daily slog of listening to what other people say. And what you have been saying so far seems very worth paying attention to.

Now I look forward to having a smaller number of posts that I can pay deeper attention to.

Anonymous said...

Up to this point your posts have been done with quantity and quality. I just thought you were superhuman.

MiningOilGasGuru said...

Hi there...
I have been reading through your posts and think they are really good. I just subscribed to your feed and look forward to reading more. Thanks!

CV said...

So John,

You are human after all ... nice to know :).

Keep it up

best wishes


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