Monday, September 17, 2018

Crypto Pot Stock

There is a point in the cycle when it is impossible to separate comedy from stock promotion.

Examples in the past:

But now the promotes are crypto and marijuana. So I give you this from a genuine promotional email. I could not make this up. Needless to say I do not recommend buying this stock.

ATTBF Is The ONLY Cannabis-Crypto Stock
YOU Need To Watch On Monday!
Dear Fellow Traders,

My New “Crypto Pot Stock” Alert for Monday is: ATTBF

ATTBF Joins The Crypto Revolution!!!

‘Cannabis + Crypto.’ The two single HOTTEST Sectors of the Market right now.

ATTBF is now merging the two together, and the windfall could be tremendous.

On Feb 1, the company announced the Acquisition of a 49% Stake in CannaNUMUS Blockchain Inc. - developers of a cryptocurrency which will represent the performance of a suite of portfolio cannabis companies.

“With a 49% equity stake in this blockchain platform, Abattis could see a significant upside from any CannaNUMUS liquidity event, including a reverse take-over of CannaNUMUS or an ICO,”

Yes, there are already Marijuana-based CryptoCurrencies. And while none are especially noteworthy, it's worth mentioning that CANN(CannabisCoin) has seen 20,000%+ GAINS and now boasts a $5.5 MIL Market Cap, POT (PotCoin) has seen 3,300%+ GAINS and enjoys a $35 MIL Market Cap, and THC (HempCoin) has seen a monsterous 114,000%+ Gain with a $28 MIL Market Cap!

Needless to say, ATTBF is in good company!



Anonymous said...

I see you and raise you:

Crypto Cold Fusion.

Nic said...

You gotta get some HempCoin just for the shits and giggles, right?

Anonymous said...

I invested in PotCoin the minute they sponsored Dennis Rodman's trip to North Korea. Why go to da moon when you can go to the DPRK?

Unknown said...

More shares for us then :)

sean said...

I think the SEC has to do something on the borrow rate. Allowing stocks to have 100% borrow charges makes it impossible for funds to short obvious frauds and make the market more efficient. This is the main tool used by promoters to profit.

Richard Oakes said...

PT Barnum must wish he was still alive...

Anonymous said...

Hey, is Australian government involved in spying on candidate Trump?

How high up?

Or was it just rogue govt employees doing the spying?

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