Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Herbalife and selective editing

The first Herbalife distributor I met told me - with a completely straight face that Herbalife cured diabetes.

If I put this - and the first ten seconds of discussion into a video it would look really bad.

Like fraud.

But dig deeper: his wife had gone from balloon shaped to merely rectangular. She had lost 80 pounds (which was huge give how short she was).

She was insulin dependent diabetic both before and after Herbalife.

But before she lost the weight she was taking three decent insulin shots a day. Her life expectancy was probably 5 years.

After she lost the weight (and it was a lot of weight) she had far better control of her blood sugars. Her life expectancy was probably 15+ years. Better than it was. Certainly less good than if she was not insulin dependent.

I could have edited a video any way I like. But I saw believers, real consumers and real good done.

Beware selective editing.


PS. Bill, you must have seen examples like that. Do you want her to die? Just asking.


indievestments said...

Nice post, John.

Anonymous said...

You made the first 4 minutes of Ackman's 'enron-like' pitch!


Sophis Tree said...

Impeccable logic, John.

Herbalife: Without us, diabetics die.

Anonymous said...

Heck, you've made a whole bunch of his presentation...maybe you're all he's got.

Anonymous said...

Your bull case is based on your "on the ground" scuttlebutt driven largely by a company-directed research trip, correct?

That doesn't sound like 'selective editing'....

Anonymous said...

"Do you want her to die?" Let's not pretend it's Herbalife or death, ok?

Otto said...

Might I humbly suggest the Eddie Izzard 'Death or Cake' sketch at this point?


Anonymous said...

Losing weight helps a lot of people get off of insulin. However, that has NOTHING to do with whether HLF is a pyramid scheme (little to no retail sales) or that they should be given a pass on the previous decades of abuse the various tool scams represent. That would be similar to a 30 year bank robber getting caught and being let go because they promised not to rob any more banks.

Anonymous said...

Hispanics drink a lot of sugary drinks... cola consumption, fruit juices... that explains the obesity and diabetes. So, HLF substitutes a fruit juice for a protein shake... BFD.


Unknown said...

I dont see the connection between an individual's weight loss and HLF, couldnt she have just lost weight because of proper nutrition and exercise?

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