Sunday, September 16, 2012

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Samuel Johnson declared that patriotism (and presumably its twin nationalism) was the last refuge of the scoundrel.

The Chinese regime has been doing a lot of it lately (of which attacks on Western short-sellers are a very minor example).

The latest burst of nationalism has come back to bite and if you want live updates follow Bill Bishop's twitter feed live from China:

Selected tweets:

Bill Bishop ‏@niubi
Panasonic Plant in China on Fire as Anti-Japan Protests Escalate - Bloomberg 

banner in shenzhen calling 4 "nuclear extermination of japanese wild dogs" good 4 US pivot, just need to put $$ in2 it 

kids attacking a Japanese car, supposedly in Zunyi per weibo

In Chengdu, police headed off 2,000 protesters who were trying to charge to U.S. consulate. They wanted U.S. "to listen to their voices".



Unknown said...

Hi John,

Long-time reader, first-time commenter here (congrats on your blog - truly excellent).Your short Chinese luxury idea might just be coming to fruition with Burberry tanking 21% the other day. I hope you held onto your shorts. Cheers, Aaryn.

Tom said...

While the quote is very commendable, I question its applicability to your Chinese short-sale positions.

The present troubles were touched off by *Japanese* nationalism. Taiwan has also sent coast guard vessels to the Diaoyu Islands. Protesters from Hong Kong landed on the islands and planted both the PRC and the ROC flag. South Korea is up in arms over an *unrelated* act of Japanese aggression -- the South Korean president refused even to receive a letter from the Japanese prime minister.

Now, China is not Prussia, Taiwan is not Bavaria, South Korea is not Britain, and Japan is not France. But the Japanese had best be wary, because the numbers aren't on their side.

The only way they could possibly screw this up even more is if they also start trying to pick a fight with Russia over the Kuril Islands. (Which, as I recall, they did last year.)

Anonymous said...

Japan did commit genocide ...

Anonymous said...

Patriotism/racism happens everywhere, even in your own backyard.

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