Saturday, June 2, 2012

Weekend diversions (which I think you may need after a Friday in the markets like that...)

You know you are getting old when the librarian at your child's school (Amanda Brown) was in a band you idolized when young.

I give you the Go Betweens (still my all time favourite Australian band with the Triffids a close second).

And for something more recent (Lissie and one of the best covers of a Bob Dylan song done on a single guitar I have ever seen):



Robert in Chicago said...

You know you're old when you talk about seeing Billy Bragg in 1987. I did too, in 1987, in NYC.

Anonymous said...

The Go Between were the "most over-rated" of the "most under rated" bands of the 1980s. I preferred The Hoodoo Gurus, until about 1992. I also saw Billy Bragg during that 1987 tour in 1987, appropriately, at the Canberra Workers Club - the only time I ever went there.

John Hempton said...

I don't know how you can say that about the Go Betweens after 16 Lovers Lane...

The other albums are up-and-down but that one is all good.

The collection album is also all good.

But of that collection of the "underrated bands" I have retained my love of only two - the Go Betweens and the Triffids.


Anonymous said...

What about The Loved Ones?

Or were they before your time?

Anonymous said...

For a quite good version of Dylan covered, I like the Tallest man on earth version.

Anonymous said...

The Church circa 1980-1987... great stuff.

Alderon Shareholder said...

I count myself fortunate to have seen The Go-Betweens play live three times.

If I had to pick my favorite album would be Liberty Belle.

The song "Apology Accepted" is a thing of beauty. It has the remarkable line "More used to naked men / You said leave the light on / Don't be frightened."

How many male songwriters have the guts to expose that kind of vulnerability?

John Hempton said...

I note Alderon Shareholder and I keep a few things in common (Go Betweens).

I am not really an Alderon short - I covered much against my will (buy-backs) albeit at a profit.

A new and smaller magnetite business in the cold north is hardly going to be great in the cost-curve... but as I say - I have no position that matters in this game... the big position is closed.

Whatever: the association (which may be involuntary) with penny stock promoters amuses me... just google alderon penny stock...


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