Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Diversions: Wild is the wind

Just had a fabulously productive day at work (meaning I got a long way towards some money-making ideas).

And for that I am happy enough for now.

So I am indulging in diversions:


SleepingMan said...

Best album of all time! (I run a small credit fund, it's rare to find myself agreeing with someone from equity-land but on this one you're right on the money)

John Hempton said...

For and equity guy I am kind of respectful of credit guys. They at least think of the downside more than us equity guys and that is constructive.

And yes - it is a great album.


Anonymous said...

Gosh, John, I am Russian (which is to say, different and deep enough culture), young, and this parrot thing already looks a little bit worn out.
Brilliant indeed but worn out.
Worn out, but indeed brilliant.

As a shameless plug for abovementioned culture, have you tried Leonid Gaidai's comedies?


Wexboy said...

Cheers, John,

If I recall, I actually went out to buy this album (among other Bowie albums) when I was 13! on cassette! Have been throwing a music link or two into my blog/twitter recently...to be met with stunning silence. So good on ya!

Thanks for the blog too, a lot of v interesting posts to think about, and really helps to think about possible shorts (really not a lot of useful commentary/advice out there on the subject, in my opinion).




Richard said...

Warning SleepingMan!
You have been spotted!

Warning John!
"Running a small credit fund" might understate SleepingMan's credentials.

Afterthought: Thanks for the musical interlude.

Unknown said...

Good stuff! Thanks for once again sharing your discernment.

Colin P said...

John, Feel free to write extensively about those positions after you've closed them out.

Colin P said...

John, I have been reading Bronte's monthly letters. The one question I have is, when you're shorting at what point do you worry your short has become too crowded?

John Hempton said...

Colin - you have nailed one of our biggest problems.

If you wish to email me and book a time I will chat through the issues.


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