Friday, October 3, 2008

Did Sheila Bair force the confiscation of a solvent bank?

Well - yes.  If Sheila had not acted Wachovia would not have been in play.  She basically forced a deal whereby Wachovia banking operations were purchased by Citigroup.

Wachovia had 70 billion in net worth.

Now Wells is prepared to buy the lot.  No government assistance required.

I stand by my assertion that WaMu was solvent too - and if left alone would have survived.  But Sheila never gave it a chance.  

Sack Sheila Bair now!


Anonymous said...

What really chaps my hide is that now the Fed explicitly says they wants to protect creditors of WB; days ago they left senior debt holders of WaMu high and dry.

Unknown said...

I agree with you this time, but make up your mind, you are all over the road on her.

epicaricacy said...

How do you reconcile Wachovia's "solvency" with Wells Fargo stating they expect to take $74 billion in losses from the WB assets (a number much greater than WB's most recently reported tangible book)?

Eidolon said...

Absolutely! Bair continues to pathologically cram unsavory actions into her private Pandora's Box. This opaque sorcery has no place among the affairs of free men and women. At this stage Bair's termination alone would be grossly insufficient. Since we're so far off the playing field as it is--and inasmuch as this Wells Fargo deal serves as precedent--I propose we introduce the power of "Transaction Rollback" to the Judiciary.

Aaron Krowne said...

I agree the FDIC shouldn't have been involved at this early stage, but "solvent" certainly has to be qualified. Wachovia does have $300B or so of extremely doubtful loans.

John Hempton said...

Hey - Wachovia found a buyer without Government intervention. Its unlikely to have negative net worth - if you can find a buyer in this - the worst of markets.

Anonymous said...

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