Saturday, August 23, 2008

Berkshire risk aversion - a follow up

Thanks for all the people who followed up on this. I think we can safely conclude that the factual background in the original post was correct. Mostly GEICO sells household insurance as an AGENT for Travelers. It may or may not take on umbrella policies through other Berkshire subsidiaries.

I really appreciate the confirm from my readers. Disagreements about facts should be easily sorted [provided of course I remain adequately circumspect about what constitutes knowledge]. I expect disagreements about interpretation to be much more difficult.

This is a follow up from my Berkshire risk aversion post.

I have received an email from a finance guy who has a homeowners insurance policy attached to his GEICO auto policy. In some states (notably Florida but also possibly other states) this policy may actually be written by Berkshire - but mostly it is a policy whereby GEICO acts as an agent.

Can people with umbrella and homeowners insurance policies from GEICO tell me who the underwriters are for the homeowners component - and what State they are in. Also useful would be the number of years that they were policy holders.




Anonymous said...

Directly from GEICO:"Through Insurance Counselors Inc., the GEICO Property Agency, we can help you secure homeowners insurance through a variety of established service-oriented companies in all states...Homeowners coverages are written through non-affiliated insurance companies and are secured through Insurance Counselors Inc., the GEICO Property Agency, doing business as GEICO Insurance Agency in CA, MA, MI, NJ, NY, OK, SD, UT."

John Hempton said...

Anon's comment looks pretty confirmatory to me...


Anonymous said...

Just bought a Travelers homeowners policy in TN thru GEICO.

Anonymous said...

I have Geico home ins in Chicago, IL. Travellers is the insurance co.

Anonymous said...

I have homeowners & flood insurance polices bought through GEICO but underwritten by Travelers and I'm in TX.

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