Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wage inflation in Australia (POST NOW WITHDRAWN)

This post is withdrawn - here is an IDENTICAL ADVERTISEMENT in another publication with ONE LESS ZERO.


So the typo theory is clearly correct.


PS - I am regularly hearing of 300K for skilled mining jobs.  Four times that startled me which is why the post.


This is a recent Australian job advert.  Rockhampton region - which means the Southern end of the Great Barrier Reef or a short drive from Airlie Beach where it is warm and the sun shines 300 plus days a year.

7 days on, 7 days off. Must be good with explosives.

Salary: AUD1.2 million plus bonus. That is USD1.32 million.

Anyone think they picked the wrong career?



Anonymous said...

I think there might be a typo there. See link below, quite probable that they accidentally added an extra zero.

That said, earning 110k per year for 7on/7off arrangements on a QLD beach isn't a bad gig either...

John Hempton said...

I don't think so - but I have not confirmed. There is a genuine and nasty shortage of this skill set.

The add makes clear that the package is "exceptional" and it is likely to be a supervisory position to a great extent.


Anonymous said...

I'm betting on the typo too. If the skills shortage looked like that, we'd have 3.6% inflation per month, not an annualised rate. (But keep blogging, John.)

Oliver Townshend said...

Looks like a type - this one (also from Hay) pays $45 per hour.

Richard said...

Maybe the Porthead incumbent resigned to take a position in Queensland?

Afterthought: It is interesting that picking up frequent flier points is one of the selling points for the WA job ....

Anonymous said...

Not connected - but you might like this in view of your recent activities

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