Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Gulf Keystone share transfer

First - a recent release from Gulf Keystone Petroleum concerning the CEO - Mr Todd F Kozel disposing of 10 million shares - the bulk of his holding:

Director's Shareholdings

Gulf Keystone was informed on 19 April 2013 by Mr Todd F Kozel ("Mr Kozel"), Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Company, that on 19 April 2013 he transferred ten million (10,000,000) common shares of USD 0.01 in the Company to a third party, in respect of a repayment in full under a financing arrangement, at a price of £1.6875 per share.  Mr Kozel no longer has any interest in the common shares transferred.  Mr Kozel has no present intention of disposing of the balance of his common shares.

As a result of the transfer of common shares, Mr Kozel now holds:

Common shares held directly
Interests in common shares held subject to the discretion of the EBT Trustee
% of enlarged issued share capital
Number of options over common shares under the Share Option Plan
Todd Kozel

Second - An old video of Todd Kozel being interviewed on CNBC Europe.


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Will said...

What a nice fellow.
I can't understand why he would be selling when the prospects for his company are so good...

Shyam said...

Hi Will - he isnt actually selling OUT. He s doing some selling for tax purposes or something like that. He still has a very large stake in the company via an offshore vehicle and future options if shareprice hits 375p and on exit awards. If you want to see the analysis on why he s doing it have a look:


Simon said...

Let's put it this way: I would not buy a used car from him.

Anonymous said...

Wait, is that Simon as in the Simon? The Simon that with varying levels of success prevents John from writing exactly what he's thinking.

To me, Simon of Bronte is a mysterious figure with extraordinary patience. I picture there to be a Sherlock Holmes - Dr. Watson dynamic at the office. Hempton goes off on one of his crazy adventures and Simon, exhausted, rubs his eyes and says, "Oh John, not again..."

Am I right? I know I am right, not sure why I need to ask.

John Hempton said...

I am not sure whether the Simon there is my Simon - but you have the office dynamic right.


SImon said...

Geeze, what have I stumbled into?

I am not the Simon from John's office, but anyone named Simon starts off with a extra credibility in my book. While I have read some Sherlock Holmes stories I have no connection to Dr Watson whatsoever. I am a reader / investor based in the UK that recently joined John's blog after reading his comments on Vodafone.

So far, very much enjoying the irreverent and thought provoking views expressed thereof.

Anonymous said...

That iii piece :

"*** So, this seems to confirm that TK held those 11.6 million shares (actually 29% of the shares that GKP LLC had) on behalf of his family ***."

I'm not sure I quite understand. Can you just announce - "these shares I own actually belong to someone else" and transfer them with no (in a UK tax environment) capital gains tax liability ? I thought that was only allowed between husband and wife.

If so I've got a few thousand shares that I'd like to transfer to my brother, kids etc - should make paying CGT a thing of the past!

Anonymous said...

This might be of interest, in terms of background to the chap in question.


Anonymous said...

Did you notice this article? http://nypost.com/2016/02/15/ex-wife-allowed-to-search-broke-execs-home-for-riches/

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