Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bedtime reading

I am about to lie on the couch at work with the main light off, a lamp behind me and a blanket on.

I plan on reading AT&Ts annual report cover to cover. We own the stock.

I hope not to fall asleep.

Being a hedge fund manager is not entirely glamorous.



John said...

A bit off tangent here:

We spend so much time reading. It's killing my eyes. My eyes always feel strained and stressed together the end of the day.

Any tips?

George said...

this is my favourite of all your short posts

Anonymous said...


Don't you work in Sydney?

Didn't you post this at a little past 2 in the afternoon?

That sounds not bad.

Anonymous said...

Do you start at the beginning? I start at executive/board comp to amuse myself.

Dan Davies said...

I would guess, from the phrase "cover to cover" that John reads annual reports in the pro's way - from the back cover (usually the contingent liabilities note) to the front.

Balaji said...

I am about to lie on the couch at work with the main light off, a lamp behind me and a blanket on.

I plan on reading AT&Ts annual report cover to cover

Which part of this is not glamorous? It sounds so exciting!!!

Anonymous said...

A good way to prevent eye strain:

Every half hour or so, look into the distance for 30 seconds. Hopefully there's a window where you work; in the Financial District I used to gaze out across the river to Brooklyn.

Sounds dumb, but it works.

Anonymous said...

Mate, my OB is in your building. It's not the hardship you are making it out to be...settle in with a coffee, stare out the window..

Simon said...

Man up, John.

BC said...

Why do you own the stock BEFORE reading the annual report?

John Hempton said...

I have looked at prior annual reports. But I own a lot of stocks - and I do not read EVERY annual report cover to cover.

Indeed often time is better spent reading stuff I do not know. And there are only so many hours in the day.

Rational money management involves rational time management.

mk said...

Half or full position? Perhaps you should relax one day with a nice cigar.

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