Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Swedish Match takeover rumours

There is an article just out that Swedish Match is in advanced merger talks with Philip Morris at a price of about USD15 billion.

At Bronte we own 15.1 million shares in Swedish Match - or about 1 percent of the company.

We believe the future for Swedish Match is considerably better than the price reflected and we are not happy with this offer.

We will consider our future actions.

John Hempton


  1. How can say that before any price is proposed?

  2. Mr Bronte, I agree with you. I think that the take-out price should be closer to 150 SEK per share. I own 1MM shares. I am planning to email IR today. Are you planning to contact management and let them know what an acceptable price to you is?

  3. Hi John, SWMA is a great company, but PMI is in all likelihood a superior one. As IQOS rolls out over the next 10 years, the earnings growth there is very high and not very risky. I'd consider rolling the position! NG