Saturday, May 8, 2021

How big is this crypto boom?

Google Trends doesn't predict stock market rallies, well somtimes it does. But more likely it is coincident with them, the suckers at the end of the boom being the biggest (yet) wave of retail buyers.

Here is a five year trend for the phrase "how to buy stocks" for the USA.

It has two peaks, one at the height of the first COVID lockdown, and a second and bigger peak at the height of the "meme-stock" rally in January.

The meme stocks haven't gone away, but most of them are well off their Mid February levels.

Still I can't resist the comparison. Here is "how to buy stocks" compared to "how to buy dogecoin" - again in the USA.

It is not even close.

This should give you some pause as to just how much money might pour into this rally.

I am old - even decrepit - and I do not understand. So I am going to leave it to someone else to explain to you. (And please appreciate the Matt Gaetz reference...)



  1. By denying access to the US banking system we've incentivised China, Iran, Russian Oligarchs, and others to create a "plan B". Probably will be a Chinese based crypto tho - note doggie $$. Love to hear how you are going to bet it, when the bets become apparent.

  2. Hi John,

    A fascinating space indeed. Or perhaps, the full question is, how big is the fiat debasement boom too?

    Google trends offer some interesting insight and perhaps a query that your readers might have some views on is Ethereum over 5 years. Number one on this list is China, however, Google search is partially blocked in China if not fully blocked. I'd be keen to see the Baidu numbers (real-time).

  3. My superannuation fund called me a few months ago, one of their so-called financial advisors. We had a chat. I explained to my “financial advisor” that the reality of the situation is that I will never really see any of my “money”, at the end of all this. My role as a compulsory contributor is simply to support the system – an endless pig-trough of financial industry parasites, feasting from the fruits of my labour – my time. Any real cash that is left, is simply handed over, monthly, to Bill and Jan (on channel 18), for their redemptions, touring the country in their Landcruiser and caravan, and previously, touring the world, on the back of my time and my labour. The job of the system is to simply support the system, and to enrich the social parasites that feed from it. No matter what the money, it is all dog-money. Overinflated housing, overpriced shares, overpriced crypto, all dog money. The oldies can have their dog money, their managed fund unit prices, their allocated pension payments, their crappy dog system. I hope that they enjoy it, the fruits of screwing over the younger generation. But remember, we do not care. We are ambivalent. We know, we do understand how the system works, but we simply do not care. Dog-money, Dog-money; it is all Dog-money. Karma is coming, like a slow-moving freight train. My retirement will be in the new system.