Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Does News Corp really employ journalists who think there is no difference between the Islamic State and the Jewish State?

This is a tweet from Michelle Celarier at the New York Post.  

To quote: "Islamic state. Jewish state. What is the difference?"

I follow her because she is the most anti-Herbalife journalist out there. She also makes up her stories including several details this hit-piece about me.

No more need be said.


Post-script: It appears Ms Celarier has been fired from the New York Post. I do not know whether this tweet had anything to do with it - but she has had a total disregard for facts for some time. Her firing is (a) deserved and (b) unsurprising.



Anonymous said...

John, you expected different from this trash reporter? As Trump would say, take one look at that face and it tells the story.

Tim said...

Also a tweet from you " Herbalife is a national treasure" after calling the company scumbags on national television. What is wrong with that article? The stock went down when Ackman came out, than went up, than went down and is relatively flat for a while. That's pretty much what the article says. By the way how can any person really own this stock when the FTC essentially just shut down Vemma which is almost identical to Herbalife. I would love for you to refute Ackman's presentation where he compares Vemma to Herbalife. I don't think you can which is why you haven't.

moreld said...

John, I know you rightly dislike Michelle, but failing to comprehend what she was saying in that tweet highlights a closed mind.
Don't let your opinions bias your understanding.
Do you need someone to explain that tweet to you?

Anonymous said...

John - Love your blog. If you choose to rebut the NY Post article, you should do so. Attacking a tweet is not a rebuttal.

John Hempton said...

Hey she was fired. Her tweet was kind-of-irrational. But then she just makes it up generally. No need to rebut someone who has a total disregard for the facts.

Anonymous said...

How do we know she was fired? I just assumed Ackman hired her like he did with Christine Richard.

GlobalTrader said...

Are you happy? because her pro VRX and anti HLF stance is 100% the reason you posted this. you must be pretty happy now

Anonymous said...

People like Michelle and the culture that allow their misstatements to be presented as truth are one of the main reasons that anyone trained to search for value / integrity / honesty can profitable trade in markets.

Anonymous said...

That comment from you is pure gold coming from you. it honestly made me laugh." no need to rebut someone who has a total disregard for the facts". indeed john. indeed.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad someone is calling out journalists for accountability. Too often there is a code of silence within the journalist community, especially when it comes to unethical reporting. Now, when will the NYTimes fire Peter Lattman for slander?

Ian said...


Without wanting to answer for John regarding " By the way how can any person really own this stock when the FTC essentially just shut down Vemma which is almost identical to Herbalife", his position appears to be 'Herbalife saves peoples lives. Therefore, whether you make or lose money owning their stock, because Herbalife has unlocked community as a tool to help severely obese people lose weight and therefore not die so soon, they are a good thing for this world'

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