Saturday, January 3, 2015

A shameless plug for the Southern Investigative Reporting Foundation

I have agreed with and disagreed with Roddy Boyd more than once in the past year. Sometimes I have agreed with him on the analysis but not on the stock. [Insurance scams in particular can take years to unravel - but that does not mean it is not a scam.]

Moreover Roddy wrote the best "narrow" book on the financial crisis. His book on AIG is a gem though extremely narrow focused on one company rather than on the whole global shebang.

Whatever, narrow, deep investigative journalism on financial chicanery is not a highly profitable business. Doing it well is rare.

The Southern Investigative Reporting Foundation (SIRF is Roddy Boyd's baby) is thinly funded - and I think worthy of more. One of his targets has already gone to prison for fraud - and that is reward but not reward enough.

Anyway SIRF has a tip-jar. You know the usual donate-by-Paypal drill.

Tip a little in.

I have.

And if you are an American it is tax deductible. I had to donate out of post tax income.



CrocodileChuck said...

Thanks for the tip.

I've gotta read this

Anonymous said...

Any thoughts on Ackmans Herbalife video? Was hoping you might share your opinion on it.

Anonymous said...

First, Fatal Risk was an awesome book.

I would donate, however, I'd like to do so without having my name appear on the website.

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