Thursday, March 10, 2011

Keeping up appearances

The Forbes list of the world's billionaires has been published.  Bess Levin and most the rest of the press focus on the big three (Carlos Slim, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates).

I notice the slowly rising position of Liliane Bettencourt - the world's richest woman and controller of cosmetics and hair dye company Loreal.  Hair dye is the foundation and core of that business.

What can I say about Liliane?  Charming, gracious - and yes she dyes her hair.


PS.  Written as someone who was in a race between gray and bald.  Gray won.  If gray becomes too desperately unfashionable for men buy Loreal.


Anonymous said...

Forget the elderly. Hair colouring is huge market in Asia for teenage girls.

John Hempton said...

Funny - I thought I would get inundated with comments about her dad's cozy relationship with the Nazis.

I guess the war is now long ago. And Paris in the War is still something people would prefer to forget. said...

It seems to me that you forgot to mention Nestlé, since they are very close to her.
If I remember correctly, they still hold 49 % of this company and would most probably love to buy her share too.
Best wishes - RolWal

chris said...

"Charming, gracious ..." and a criminal?
I don't bame her forher father's associations but I do blame her for her own actions. There is very good evidence, including her own statements that Ms. Bettencourt committed criminal tax evasion. Like most of the uber rich she seems to think taxes are just for the liitle people.

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