Sunday, May 3, 2009

Another shameless plug for the Cooler Mr Hempton

My cousin Nick's jazz band is going from stregth to strength.  

Here is the latest review of the Nick Hempton band:


Nick said...

Thanks for the plug, Ick!! (If you don't want to publish this, I'll understand. Particularly as you're probably not known as Ick in your professional life...) Nick

John Hempton said...

I am not known as Ick anywhere much these days... but I don't mind.

PS. What time is it in New York? Do you ever sleep?


John Hempton said...

PS. Just for a lark I googled "Ick Hempton".

The only thing I found was my honours thesis from Adelaide University...

I had no idea that I formally graduated from Adelaide University in my childhood nick-name...


Karen Fitzgerald said...

Some of us remember you as Ick!

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