Saturday, August 2, 2008

New Fannie - just like the old Fannie

I am a data driven kind of guy.

And every now and again I like to play with numbers in spreadsheets and the like.

I figure I am not alone in capital markets being a little like that.

And I like it when companies make it easier for me. Its part of being “transparent”.

I would like to comment on Fannie Mae’s new commitment to transparency.

I sent Investor Relations and email:

Do you release sets of financial data in spreadsheets - for instance the data in your quarterlies and annual reports and the data in your monthly reports?

I am finding it VERY frustrating not being able to get spreadsheets to do my calculations.

John Hempton

And the new open Fannie Mae replied:

Mr. Hempton,

We do not provide financial data in spreadsheet format on our website. However, using the Word version of any of our quarterly filings, you might be able to "cut and paste" any of the tables into Excel. The Word version of the documents is available from our web site at:

Hope this helps.

Fannie Mae

Investor Relations

New Fannie – just like the old Fannie.

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