Monday, August 4, 2008

How people find my blog

I use Google Analytics to track things like how people find my blog.

Sometimes it surprises me - but yesterday I had not one - but two visitors from the Google search "how much does a hooker cost in Bulgaria".

Oddly Google ranks me as the authority to answer that question. I suspect they will fix that rank soon - as I am a happily married bloke living in Australia who has never been to Bulgaria or owned or shorted a Bulgarian stock. For that reason I have preserved this page:

Well dear readers, I don't much care how you got here. Welcome anyway.



Anonymous said...

lol! that was hilarious!

bowdo said...

John great blog. I found it when it was mentioned on the portfolio website. Was wondering whether you can share your thoughts on the level of the australian dollar? I'm in australia and invest in some global funds that are largely unhedged.

John Hempton said...

howdo - I would love to share my thoughts on the Austrlian dollar - if I had any convincing thoughts.

It seems expensive - only because it no longer feels expensive to go overseas.

But that is about the extent of my "thoughts" and I doubt those thoughts are tradeable.


I like a quick email from the Australians who find the blog...


Fiona said...

I guess this proves the old adage all publicity is good publicity! Quite amusing I must say.

Also interested in any views you might have on the AUD. My mine concern is that it might be too intertwined with China's fortunes - but then that applies just about anywhere now. Do you favor it as a commodities producing nation currency?

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