Tuesday, August 12, 2008

From the comments - property prices on the California beach

In the comments someone was wondering if they were mad paying $450 a square foot for a house a few blocks from their favourite California surf beach. I noted that I can't tell as I paid well over double that for a house a few hundred yards from my favourite surf beach (Bronte). [My decision was mad... but then I have a wife who is rather happy here...]

But I think we can all agree that apartments in Estonia at multiples of this price are mad. Check out this article. And we shouldn't be that surprised they have halved.


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bowdo said...


Could you do a post on australian house prices?

I've heard that they are at record levels in terms of price compared to income and price compared to rent?

If they start to fall will the australian banks start to have similar issues as the uk / usa banks?

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