Saturday, August 9, 2008

Another blog milestone

This is the 101st post on Bronte Capital. I missed the hundredth.

On the fiftieth post I noted blog milestones. Here I will update them:

Number of large corrected mistakes was one and is now three. Correcting my own errors is one of the goals of this blog - but I would prefer not make them. [There are numerous small errors and probably some large errors I have not found...]

At post 50 cumulative visits were 3788. In the past month it has been 10848 and I have now had over 5000 unique visitors (up from about 2000). These numbers have taken off recently and I am now getting about 800 visits a day.

The subscribers have taken off - they were running at about 80 and are now about 430.

In the past the most popular posts were the first post about Barclays, and the first post about the fraudulent hedge fund in Santa Fe. They are now running at number 8 and 10 respectively.

The most popular post (surprise) is the post on Swedbank. At least that is partly because it turns up high on Google searches for the price of Eastern block hookers.

Funnily enough the throw-away on Wachovia comes in at number 2. I don't think it is amongst the most interesting things I have said.

The comments were almost non-existent at post 50 - but I was getting a small but loyal email following. The comments are now much more frequent - and for the first time getting annoying. I don't like being asked in a comment for instance how much a stock has fallen. [It is very easy to look up...] So far I have not edited or deleted any comment except when the author has emailed me and asked me to. [They emailed me because they made a mistake...]

Keep the emails coming.


1 comment:

MattJ said...

It doesn't surprise me that your Wachovia post ranks high; there are a lot of people who bank there, and we are worried :)

I also view an exceptionally high CD rate as a bad sign, so when my savings account rate went to 0.3% annual return and they tried to talk me into a 4.5% 12 month CD, I moved my savings to another bank.

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