Saturday, July 5, 2008

Time to hide the valuables under the mattress and buy a shotgun

Dana Milbank of the Washington Post asked Phillip Swagel (US Assistant Treasury Secretary) whether it is time to "hide the valuables under the mattress and buy a shotgun". And Swagel did not hit it out of the park.*

At the same time we have the CEOs of major banks saying that they are profitable despite the headwinds.

With due respect - there is plenty of work in Washington for out-of-work CEOs good at spinning BS. Your country needs you.

The full video is here and is worth a watch. (Hat tip to the Big Picture.)

Memo to Phillip Swagel: practice saying the fundamental strengths of the United States are undiminished... even if you don't believe it. Its not good for someone in your position to talk down anything...

*My original wording was "Swagel does not hit it for six". But then I am Australian and therefore a cricket fan.

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Scott said...

Just discovered your excellent blog. I think that Milbank's question meets the definition of a "loaded" question(no pun intended). I think it would be irresponsible for any government official to answer a question posed per your quote. The best response would have been, "Next question!"

While I personally happen to own a shotgun, the reporter's question implied that the country is near a state of total social breakdown. That is clearly not the case.

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