Monday, July 7, 2008

A blog milestone

This is the fiftieth blog post - a completely arbitrary milestone.

I look in wonder at long-time bloggers who are up to 6000 posts. I have already had to correct one decent mistake (that I have identified). If you can identify more I am very happy to issue corrections.

Since I started tracking visitor numbers we have had 3788 visits and almost 6000 page views. (I did not track readers for the first few weeks - so total visitors are larger.)

There have been just over 2000 absolute unique visitors. That means that most people visit once and do not return.

If you have visited more than twice you are likely to have visited more than 15 times. Also I have about 80 subscribers using feed-burner - so there are some loyal visitors. (The feedburner subscribers do not count in the visitor numbers unless they click through to something.)

Visits come from 672 "cities" in 58 countries. The cities are as defined in Google analytics and include what most people would call suburbs. The biggest concentrations of readers are in the United States, the UK and Australia in that order. Within the US the concentrations are New York, Connecticut, Chicago and New Mexico.

All of these numbers are beaten in a single day by popular blogs. I don't yet have a technorati rank - but Wikio ranks me as the 20,677th most influential blog on the web. There are relatively few investment blogs in the top 1000 but a lot of dodgy blogs have rankings very much higher than mine...

The most popular post is the first post on Barclays. Google correctly identifies that and links to it when you google Bronte Capital.

The second most popular post is the post about the fraudulent hedge fund in Santa Fe. As stated above I have a cluster of readers in New Mexico. Many of those readers lost money in the scam. Its been quite disconcerting to know how hard it is to raise hedge fund money as an honest hedge fund and how many people will willingly give their money to a total fraud. There is something there that I am learning about human nature.

I would like to know more about my subscribers and regular readers. Drop me an email.

And thanks for reading.

John Hempton

PS. There have been 7728 advert impressions served by Google on this blog. Only 32 of you have clicked. My impression - Google targets the adverts very poorly. More about that in a later post.


Peter Eavis said...

It takes a while to build momentum. There's great stuff here, so in a year's time, your numbers will be much, much higher.

josh said...

You are 1,352 now on from wikio, you've come a long way from your 20,677 ranking.

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