Saturday, September 1, 2018

How the Chinese business elite think of America...

China Properties Group is a Hong Kong listed property developer with operations in Shanghai, Beijing and Kunshan. The business conditions description in the last interim report gives a reasonable appraisal of what the Chinese business elites think of America.

To quote:

Business Review and Outlook 
10 years ago, the U.S. printed money like crazy and exported U.S. dollars all over the world. Now, the U.S. has become a global enemy, trying to bring back the exported U.S. dollars (the U.S. dollar debt of the emerging market in the first quarter was close to 3.7 trillion) and supply chains, as well as to undermine the asset markets of other countries and the global supply chain order. No wonder the U.S. has made a lot of enemies. Fortunately, Trump does not have the same wisdom as Mao Zedong in making alliance with one while fighting another. He wants to fight the world. But to defeat the U.S. hegemony is not an easy task. The history told us that those who wanted to kick out the big brother would run the risk of being wiped out. Nevertheless, Chinese are savvy and resourceful. Deng Xiaoping said, “we should grope our way across the river, going one step at a time”. Jiang Zemin said, “keep a low profile to make a big fortune”. Han Xin demonstrated his immense ability to endure humility in order to preserve his existence for future accomplishments. Such wisdoms contributed to the creation of incredible historical achievements one after the other. Today, the U.S. is pushing the trade war to the limit. Yet, it is not easy to cripple the China model, even with Trump’s wisdom. With a looming war, there are risks as well as opportunities. Therefore, the Group’s established policies will remain unchanged. While some projects are delayed pending for the government’s new plan, the Group will always ensure that Shareholders’ benefits are well taken care of.
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  1. "While some projects are delayed pending for the government’s new plan"

    TRANSLATION: we're deleveraging too.

    HNA anyone?

  2. I read the first line and immediately started building a case for shorting their stock.

  3. I suspect many Chinese companies will have to start making these kinds of statements to show their 'loyalty' to the system.

  4. Yes I agree with Richard Oakes sentiment. The first line shows a lack of understanding of economics. QE and printing money are not the same thing.

  5. I didn't like this sentence: 'With a looming war, there are risks as well as opportunities.' That's the second time I've read something from China that refers to just 'war' without the word 'trade' preceding it.

  6. "...even with Trump's wisdom...", that's quite a compliment. :)

  7. Market cap cUS$250m. Trades on appointment. Elite? Really?