Friday, August 15, 2008

Extra credit Jeff Matthews: great blog posts of yesteryear

Someone complained the other day that my posts are too detailed. Sorry. That is me.

But I got to admire someone who can keep it shorter than that – and so I present one of the best investing blog posts ever – Jeff Matthews wonderful call when Highfield tried to buy Circuit City. Jeff screamed SELL (at $17).

I think he got that right. The stock is below $2.

You should buy his book when it comes out too!


Tim said...

John, I think of you as the Jeff Matthews of finance. Just as interesting to read.

Anonymous said...

I subscribe to this blog precisely because the posts are detailed.

There's plenty of "authors" on seekingalpha who offer nothing more than a re-hash of the conference calls, or do "analysis" that involves pasting the business profile from Yahoo Finance, manual calcs of the LTM margins and YoY growth rates, and a summary of the dividend history.
Some even have deep insights such as "alternative energy is expected to grow" or "garbage collection is a necessity".

Anonymous said...

The Endgame Nears For Fannie and Freddie By Barrons

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